Online Dating Tips Men Need to Know For Explosive Success

Lots of guys will try out online dating to meet some new women without the hassle of going to bars and clubs. They get an account, post a few photos on the site and make a brief profile. But without the help I’m giving out here, most guys will have very poor results with online dating.

This may hurt a guy’s self-esteem. It seems like you should be able to join one of these sites and meet at least a few women. But you see, the majority of men won’t even experience any degree of success at all online. Why is this so?

Online Dating Tips Men Need to Know: It is a whole new game online

You should know first that women are to going to have the upper hand on these site. There are too many guys who are eager to meet women online. They just blast 1000 women with the same tired email message. Or they just send disturbing messages with nasty comments like “You got any nude pics?” Or they bore women with their life story with the first email (before they’ve even established any rapport).

To tell you the truth, women generally won’t send email first. Actually, they don’t really have to do anything but wait for the men to come to them.
So you see, the deck is stacked against you.

Online Dating Tips Men Need to Know: It is really good news for you

While most of these guys are left wondering why online dating doesn’t work for them, you can move in and date more women that you know how to handle. Thus, you get great possibility to go out with just about any woman you want on these websites.

Online Dating Tips Men Need to Know: Your secret weapon-Words!

Using words will put you miles in front of the competition and you noticed by women. Most guys’ profiles are so lame with things like “I’m doctor” or “I’ve got a great sense of humor.” When you write like this, you come off as incredibly boring, which is the reason most guys fail at online dating. A detailed description would be better than boring list of facts. Something like this would be much better:

“I just love running away to the ocean for a nice weekend every now and then. There’s something about just getting away from it all and enjoying the gentle sound of the waves crashing on the shore that just relaxes me like nothing else! Plus taking a dip in the water can be a little cold sometimes, but just feeling that water rolling over your body wakes you up and makes you feel more alive than ever before!”

Can you tell the difference here?

Online Dating Tips Men Need to Know: Good first impressions count

Women usually do not email first, so this will be your job. In your initiative email to a woman, the email should be brief and personal. Every day, women tons of e-mail from guys that are just plain boring them to tears.

If you make it personal, she will believe you actually read her profile carefully and that you didn’t just copy and paste the same thing to 100 different women. You are not one of those desperate guys who send email to hundreds of women (are you?).

A short email would be best grab her interest and leave her wanting more. The first email should be extremely short. It’s better write in one or two sentences. If you write more, you’re trying too hard to impress her. Ending your e-mail with a question is a great way to get her to write back.

For example, if she is fond of Japanese food, you can ask her a short question like “Do you like natto? Because if you do, that’s a deal-breaker” to make her laugh and think you are funny. This is a sort of joke, and at the same time, it is giving her the her the opportunity to write back and keep the conversation going.